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    1. Products
      • Product Name:OLV8800 Structural Silicone Sealant
      • Product ID:OLV8800A
      • Specification:
      • Two-dimensional code:
      Product Details


      OLV8800 Silicone Structural Sealant is a one part, neutral cure, versatile, high modulus architectural grade silicone sealant that exhibits outstanding physical properties projects, general building constructions as well as Structural Glazing Adhesives uses. It has excellent weathering resistance, durability, compatibility, tensile strength; physical, mechanical and adhesive properties. Cured sealant forms tenacious bonds to substrates, typically structural glazing elements: glasses and metals members; and gives high performances silicone rubber sealant for curtain walls, for both weatherproofing and structural applications.

      Main purposes:

      1.       Structural glazing in high risk glass curtain wall;

      2.       Can joint the surface of glass and metal to form a single assembly, suitable for curtain wall of SSG system design;

      3.       For the situation of high requirement to adhesive safety and other purpose;

      4.       Many other purposes.


      1.       OLV8800 is  RTV-1,neutral curing at room temperature, high modulus and high intensity silicone structural sealant;

      2.       Excellent resistance to weather, and the service life is over 20 years in the condition of general weather;