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    1. Products
      • Product Name:OLV9988 Structural Glazing Silicone Sealant
      • Product ID:OLV9988
      • Specification:
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      Product Details

      OLV 9988 Structural Glazing Silicone Sealant is a two-component room temperature, neutral curing, cures to a high-modulus elastomeric adhesive sealant, and suitable for structural adhesive applications. Being mixed in certain ratio between A-part and B-part, OLV 9988 reacts and solidifies into an elastomer with excellent stability in a wide range temperature and effects no corrosion and non poisonous. It features great resistant to ozone, ultra-violet radiation, temperature extremes and long life expectancy. OLV9988 has excellent adhesion without priming to most construction materials, such as coated glass, aluminum and steel. It also endures good compatibility of other OLV neutral silicone sealants. The mixture ratio of volume should be 10:1 (ratio of weight 13:1).

      Main purposes:

      Designed for use in structural adhesive applications such as factory glazing and curtain wall production


      1.       Structural capability;

      2.       Excellent adhesion to most surfaces such as coated glass, metals and paints;

      3.       Excellent weatherability, durability, and a high resistance to ozone, ultra-violet radiation, temperature extremes.


      1. Clean with solvents such as toluene or acetone to keep the substrate surfaces completely clean and dry;

      2. Filling out the gaps and edges to ensure two-side binding;

      3. Cover outside of joint areas with masking taps before application;

      4. For better appearance trim the edges before the sealant solidified;

      5. Construct in environment with good ventilation;

      6. Keep uncured silicone sealant beyond children’s reach. If getting into eyes, wash with running water for several minutes, and then consult a doctor.


      1. OLV9988 sealant should not be used for curtain wall structural adhesive applications without the prior written approval of Sihui Olivia Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.;

      2. OLV9988 should not come in contact, with or be exposed to sealant that liberate acetic acid;

      3. This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses;

      4. The product should not touch any non-abrasive surfaces before solidification.