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    1. Products
      • Product Name:OLV6688 Insulating Glazing Adhesive Sealant
      • Product ID:OLV6688
      • Specification:
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      Product Details


      OLV6688 Insulating Glazing Adhesive Sealant is a two-part room temperature neutral curing silicone sealant, and has no corrosion to coated glass. The main characteristics are high strength, great coherence, medium modulus and low permeability. The product features excellent weathering resistance and durability, has a life expectancy of about 50 years under regular room temperature according to aging test; excellent structural strength with temperature performance at -400C~1500C. It has great adhesion to all kinds of glass and improves better adhesion to special materials. It also endures good compatibility of other OLA neutral silicone sealants. The A-part OLV6688 is white, B-part is black, and black after mixed.

      Main purposes:

      Two-part silicone sealant for use as secondary sealant in insulating glass units


      1.       Two-part, room temperature, neutral cuing, non-corrosive to marble, coated glass, concrete  and metal (except copper);

      2.       Fast curing speed, high adhesion, medium modulus, high displacement performance;

      3.       Excellent weather resistant performance and excellent aging resistant performance;

      4.  Excellent adhesion to most of building materials and excellent compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants.


      1. Clean with solvents such as toluene or acetone to keep the substrate surfaces completely clean and dry.

      2. Filling out the gaps and edges for two-side binding

      3. Cover outside of joint areas with masking taps before application.

      4. For better appearance revise the edges before the sealant solidified.

      5. Construct in environment with good ventilation

      6. Keep uncured silicone sealant beyond children’s reach. If getting into eyes, wash with running water for several minutes, and then consult a doctor.


      1. Unsuitable for structural adhesive;

      2. Unsuitable for airproof location, because it is required to absorb moisture in air to cure for the sealant;

      3. Unsuitable for the frosty or moist surface;

      4. Unsuitable for the continually soggy place;

      5. Can’t be used if the temperature is below 40C or above 400C.