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    1. News
      The 21st Aluminum Window & Door & Facade Expo 2015

      As the extraordinary distributor of GE Sealant in China, GE and Olivia Chemical has exhibited together from March 18th to March 20th. The fantastic booth and breaking news has attracted lots of visitors. Find us in ...[View All]

      News Conference: Olivia Chemcial has been chosen a...

      Management from GE and Olivia Chemical, and huge numbers of guests have participanted in this News Conference. The export director and deputy manager has joined in this event. All of us wish GE and Olivia has greater success in...[View All]

      2015 Spring Festival Sales Promotion

      Break News! 2015 Spring Festival Sales Promotion! Once you send us inquiry, you will be presented! Once you place order, you will be presented! Contact us via nicholas@gdolivia.com [View All]

      2014 ZAK Doors & Windows EXPO in New Delhi, India

      From Dec. 5th to Dec. 7th, Olivia Chemical export group had gone to New Delhi for ZAK Doors & Windows EXPO. Our group had met huge numbers of customers and achieved great commercial success! Olivia Chemical will keep workin...[View All]

      The 114th Chinese Export Commodities Fair in Oct.,...

       The 114th Chinese Export Commodities Fair in Oct., 2013 Source:  Release Date:2013-9-29 Click: Olivia Chemical has a booth in 114th Canton Fair in Oct.,2013, the no. is Mall 9.1, I17, from Oct...[View All]